2021 PRICES:

There are currently two tiers of promotion available. The reason why is because Dewar PR has expanded to include more people available to help promote an album!

Tier one has three publicists working the album while tier two has just one. The main difference is with tier one you have three people working to help push the release.


$900 USD per month.
$1650 USD for a three month full-length album campaign if paid in advance.

$1500 USD for a two month campaign.

$495 Per month
$800 for Two months
$1250 for three months

All packages include a bio written by Corinne Westbrook
Just need help with strategy for promotion and marketing?
Consulting packages with Curtis and Cori start at $250 a month, for a minimum of 5 months.

One off calls which include a recording of the session and a PDF action strategy is $100 USD.

Management services are available on a limited basis.

Also available: Web design and ad management. Send a DM or email at dewarpr@gamil.com for more details. These services can also be added to monthly PR packages for an additional cost if wanted.

*Canadians please add GST*

Want to learn more? Drop us a line.