You’ve got it on record, let us get it to the masses

Your album is done and dusted, a proud achievement of your work put into the band so far. So now it’s our turn to bring you coverage on it: reviews, interviews, podcasts, you name it. Our album and EP campaigns typically run for 2 – 3 months. Each one is tailored to your requirements, but the general elements included are as follows:

Press releases
They cover important milestones related to the band or album in the run-up to its release (pre-orders, track premieres, gigs & festivals etc.).
These serve two purposes: one, our contacts become familiar with your name, and two, they provide the information required for news articles to emerge on these websites.

Digital promos distribution
We send out your album or EP to our contacts (over 800 of them at last count), with promotional material we write and check with you. This also includes following up directly for reviews and interviews with specific sites.

Coordination of interviews with you
Usually via e-mail or Skype, you know the drill.

Track and album premieres
We arrange premieres on websites for your music, where they host it and can broadcast it to their audiences. We select the most appropriate website, with consultation from you in the procedure.

Any ideas we brainstorm together
In the past we’ve run competitions and giveaways on websites, guest columns and articles (example here), and have plenty of other ideas as well.


$495 USD per month.
$1250 USD  for a three month full-length album campaign if paid in advance.

$1400 USD for a 4 month package if paid in advance

$800 USD for a two month campaign.

Too much? We also offer a “PR Tune up” for $225 total or a 30 day social media challenge  in coordination with Dropout Media. (  The challenge changes each month) Email for more details

Note: Not all potential clients are accepted. We do need to review your music, lyrics and artwork prior to being accepted.

We also offer single press releases for $100 and half hour strategy phone calls for $50

*All transactions are subject to taxes if the band is in Canada.

If you’re interested to learn more, head to our contact page.