Curtis is the man. He was completely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. Our band got some pretty serious press because of him. The music found the folks that needed to hear it…and I’m not even sure it’s over…his groundwork definitely outlasts the campaign time.

John Morgan-Wreche

Curtis has been one of the first people Alustrium has dealt with in the last five years who truly delivered what he promised. It was very clear to us that he cared about what we wanted and that is an invaluable trait to find in anyone, let alone someone in the music industry. Without our relationship with Dewar PR we simply would not be where we currently are in the public eye. Music may speak for itself but if no one’s listening, you’re dead in the water. Trust me when I say that this man will make sure people are listening.

Chris Kelly – Alustrium

Alustrium cover Dewar PR