Best Of April 2015

Outre had four different sites premiering their début album. Heavy Metal Artwork (UK), Musick Magazine (Poland), Necromance (Spain) and Rock Hard (Greece).

New Akasava track news at Metal Underground:

Independent Voice announces the new Akasava track:

Akasava stream at Pure Grain Audio:

Keith from Roxeavy Music writes a guest column at Metalrecusants:

Twingiant reviewed at Metal Blast:

Obsolete and False Pregnancy mention at Apoch’s Metal:

SIG:AR:TYR interviewed at Sonic Asylum radio: (

Strauss review at Wonderbox Metal:

False Pregnancy stream at Nefarious Realm:

SIG:AR:TYR album announcement at Brave Words:

SIG:AR:TYR album anouncement via Dark Side:

Paranoid Zine shares the SIG:AR:TYR announcement:

Heathen Harvest shares the SIG:AR:TYR news:

UnKured review at Stormbringer:

Ghost Cult reviews Riven by Obsolete:

False Pregnancy reviewed at Ghost Cult Magazine:

Goryl album announcement at the Independent Voice:

Bro Metal interviews Countless Skies:

SIG:AR:TYR announcement at Metal Shock Finland:

Goryl announcement at Metal Odyssey:

Goryl also announced at Metal Underground:

Terra & Furia in Power Play Magazine:

False Pregnancy in Zero Tolerance #65 [print]

SIG:AR:TYR featured in Pit stories at Metal Underground:

The King is Blind at Apoch’s Metal:

SIG:AR:TYR album announcement at Metal Insider: